Good morning and welcome back to the Brazil Sports newsletter. This week, we’re taking a look at the future of the Copa Libertadores, South America’s biggest club competition. Should...

BusinessOct 20, 2019

Can Vale still be a ‘buy’ opportunity after Brumadinho?

Since January 25, 2019, Brazilian mining company Vale has...

OpinionOct 19, 2019

Two years explaining Brazil

If you read The Brazilian Report regularly, you have...

PowerOct 19, 2019

What legacy did Brazil leave in Haiti?

Despite Haiti facing yet another acute political, economic, and...
The Brazilian Supreme Court. Photo: Nelson Jr/SCO/STF

Power Oct 18, 2019

Brazil’s trial of the year: what you need to know

On Thursday, Brazil’s Supreme Court kicked off what has...
Big Tech joins Brazilian effort against misinformation. How serious are they?

Tech Oct 18, 2019

Big Tech joins Brazilian effort against misinformation

You’re reading The Brazilian Report‘s weekly tech roundup, a...
Bolsonaro northeast economy

Power Oct 17, 2019

Economic measures hope to plant Bolsonaro’s flag in the Northeast

When Brazil’s new ultra-reformist, ultra-liberal Economy Ministry took charge...
Why Brazil is changing how it calculates inflation

Business Oct 17, 2019

Why Brazil is changing how it calculates inflation

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics has presented...
UN Human Rights Council

Power Oct 16, 2019

Maduro makes Bolsonaro look palatable to UN Human Rights Council

After the world looked on open-mouthed as President Jair...
gold mines brazil bolsonaro

Power Oct 16, 2019

Efforts to eradicate wildcat gold mines stir up tensions in Central Brazil

One year ago, news spread that there were gold...


China: people learning more and more Portuguese

Newsletters Oct 21, 2019

This week, we talk about how China moves to know more about Brazil. Scientists believe they’ve found the origin of the massive oil spill in the Northeast. Why are...
left demo lula

Brazil DailyOct 18, 2019

Early polls signal problems for Brazilian left

Good morning! We’re covering the left and its struggles...
zika test

Brazil DailyOct 17, 2019

Brazilians develop state-of-the-art Zika test

Good morning! We’re covering today a groundbreaking way of...
IMF: Despite global slowdown, Brazil could regain growth in 2020

Brazil DailyOct 16, 2019

Brazil could regain growth in 2020

Good morning! Can Brazil defy the global trend of...
'Big Center' wants big losses for the government

Brazil DailyOct 15, 2019

‘Big Center’ wants big losses for the government

Good morning! The government v. Congress’ “Big Center.” Interest...

Brazil WeeklyOct 14, 2019

What to make of Brazil’s Conservative Political Action Conference

Good morning! This week, we’re covering CPAC Brazil—a conservative...

Brazil DailyOct 11, 2019

U.S. ignores OECD bid for Brazil

Good morning! Today we look at the scandal created...

Brazil DailyOct 10, 2019

Supermarkets get cheaper as economy sputters

Good morning! Today we are looking at Brazil’s economy,...


Until 2018, few people, if any, had ever heard of the Social Liberal Party (PSL). Between 1998—the year of its foundation—and 2014, the party won only four congressional seats,...
psl bolsonaro political party crisis

PowerOct 09, 2019

Elections 2020: with 12 months to go, campaigns heating up around Brazil

In a little under 12 months, Brazil’s voters will...

PowerOct 05, 2019

The involvement of Bolsonaro’s party in Paraguay dam scandal

“Itaipu-gate” is how experts have dubbed the political scandal...

PowerOct 04, 2019

Latest Marielle arrests bring new links to Bolsonaro family

Over a year and a half later, law enforcement...
car wash brazilian banks

Power Oct 03, 2019

At long last, major Brazilian banks set to go through the Car Wash

Among the recurring criticisms of Operation Car Wash—Brazil’s sweeping...
peru president martin vizcarra

Power Oct 01, 2019

How the Odebrecht scandal imploded Peruvian politics

Just four years ago, the Odebrecht construction group was...
campaign donations 2020 elections brazil

Power Sep 30, 2019

How transparent will Brazil’s 2020 elections be?

Back in 2017, Brazilian lawmakers approved the end of...


October 15 is Teachers’ Day in Brazil. However, there is little to celebrate, with public school educators having to put up with horrible classroom conditions (which sometimes include violence)...
To create financially educated citizens, Brazil puts financial education on curriculum

BusinessOct 14, 2019

Brazil’s would-be mega-airport grounded after crisis

The impasse involving the future of Viracopos International Airport,...

BusinessOct 14, 2019

Fintechs turn their attention to Brazil’s entrepreneurs

Becoming a business owner has its trials, which Brazilians...

BusinessOct 10, 2019

Looking to stockpile dollars in Brazil? Not so fast

Getting involved in the modernizing reformist agenda established in...


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