Cartoons Sep 13, 2019

Rio de Janeiro mayor Marcelo Crivella, pictured above, sparked a homophobic crusade against an Avengers comic last week.

Crivella—who is also an evangelical bishop—ordered the city’s International Book Biennal ( @bienaldolivro ) to withdraw the book “Avengers –

The Children&#8217;s Crusade,&#8221; as it contains a panel in which two male characters kiss. The mayor claimed the book&#8217;s content is inappropriate for minors.</p> <p>The Book Biennal organizers reported that the local government had in fact ordered the book to be sealed and labeled with a warning about the scenes. However, Crivella&#8217;s conservative decisions sparked a debate about freedom of speech in Brazil.<br /> What happened next</p> <p>First, one city judge refused Crivella&#8217;s measure, saying his actions were illegal. Meanwhile, famous YouTuber <a class="notranslate" href="">@felipeneto</a> bought over 14,000 LGBT-related books to donate them during the event.</p> <p>Then, a different judge overruled the previous decision and allowed Crivella&#8217;s censorship. The way the courts dealt with the case brought some comparisons with the censorship imposed by the military dictatorship (1964-1985)</p> <p>What happened earlier<br /> Back in 2018, the mayor was accused of using Rio&#8217;s municipal administration to favor religious groups, which almost saw him thrown out of office. In June, Rio’s City Council rejected an impeachment request against Crivella in a 35-13 vote.

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