Cartoons Sep 20, 2019

#SaveTheAmazon or ‘save with Amazon’? In 2010, three years before the beginning of the street protests that ended with former President Dilma Rousseff’s controversial impeachment, journalist Paulo Migliacci translated an article from his Canadian colleague Malcolm Gladwell.


a New Yorker columnist since 1996, originally titled it &#8220;The revolution won&#8217;t be tweeted,&#8221; in reference to the documentary &#8220;The revolution won&#8217;t be televised&#8221;, about the failed coup against former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in 2002.</p> <p>The article explores how ordinary online people become intimately connected to a given cause and urge more people to get outraged about it, using angry posts and catchy hashtags. But, in the end, the screen is the edge of the revolution.</p> <p>Since fires in the Amazon rainforest have hit the public spotlight, &#8220;a lot&#8221; has been done. <a class="" href="">#PrayForAmazon</a> hit the top of Twitter&#8217;s trending topics, with the support of Instagrammers, bloggers, and other accounts &#8211; but no effective measures were taken.

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